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Looser Drell-Yan lines with tighter muon ID

Laurent Dufour requested to merge ld-loose-drellyan into qee_upgrade_24

These changes loosen the momentum and pT requirements at low mass for the Drell-Yan lines, while taking advantage of the PID_MU cut which previously was not included. Overall, the rate should still go down.


See: !3229 (comment 7805597)


Turbo Events Turbo Rate (kHz) Size (MB) BW (MB/s)
master 7249 83 36 410
with changes 7235 82 33 380

i.e. a reduction of 30 MB/s ~7% of the current QEE Turbo BW. Very nice to see this while maintaining efficiency.

Edited by Luke Grazette

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