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[QEE] WZrd turbo lines have `Full` in the name. -> Won't be selected by regex correctly.

Luke Grazette requested to merge lugrazet-qee-wzrd-turbopatch into master

@jiuzhao @hyin

In !2743 (merged), @rjhunter and myself appended Full to the name of all full-stream lines, but since that MR was effectively finished these WZRD lines were moved to Turbo. So this unintentionally named your Turbo lines with Full, meaning they will not be picked up by Turbo stream right now.

Prompted by @nskidmor, thanks for asking the liaisons to check.

cc @rjhunter @isanders, to prevent stuff like this in the future, I'll add a lengthier (better covered) name-check to our snippets 😓

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