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[RTA/DPA BW tests]: Add options for sprucing jobs on Turbo and TurCal in the bandwidth tests

Ross John Hunter requested to merge rjhunter-bw-tests-spruce-pass-job into 2024-patches

Goes with lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig!405 (merged) and lhcb-core/LHCbPR2HD!284 (merged)

  • Adding new options files here for sprucing of Turbo and TurCal
  • Specify in the input yaml if/when you require a fixed list of lines for TISTOS.
  • Refactor the sprucing production file so can import streaming configurations from there directly.
  • Use a bash script to put the 3 sprucing jobs in the test_spruce_bandwidth_latest qmt.


  • Refactor (with Nicole's blessing) the sprucing production file so I can import from it directly rather than have to copy-paste it.
  • Finish off generalising the qmtest for all 3 HLT2 streams.
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