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[QEE] Small monitoring overhaul for Hlt2 lines

Luke Grazette requested to merge lugrazet-qee-massmonitors into qee_upgrade_24

This is only affecting Hlt2 lines.

Closes #653 (closed) + Closes .


Removed default mass monitoring from the following as they fail the histograms or are unuseful:

  • dielectrons_persist_photons

Added custom monitoring to the following:

    Zmumu: mass, rapidity,
    Zee: mass, rapidity,
    WZRare: mass

Rapidity was defined via \textrm{Y} = 0.5 \textrm{log}\left( \frac{E + p_{z} }{E - p_{z}} \right)

Also added pseudomass_positive, pseudomass_negative to Hlt2QEE_ZToMuMuFull specifically.
The pseudomass was defined via: \textrm{M}^{\pm} = \textrm{M} \sqrt{\frac{\textrm{p}_{T}^{\pm}}{\textrm{p}_{T}^{\mp}} } .

b_to_majolep_majo_to_leplep at the last selections deadline had a last minute change to selections due to the new format -> It worked but the histogram names within the saveset wasn't consistent with the monitoring output from the other lines.
Now fixed, and I noticed some minor cutoffs in range in them too so fixed that.

Histos on Z MC





Histos on 150k MinBias MC events

Accessible: /eos/lhcb/user/l/lugrazet/public/qee_monitors/Moore3352.
In directories of commits used when generated.
hists.pdf which is just one massive pdf of all QEE histograms in alphabetical order, and by_type/<monitor_type>__hists.pdf has all pdfs of that monitoring type in alphabetical order.


  • Double check jets don't want any mass monitors. See: !3352 (comment 7909716)
  • Other Lines
    • Laurent confirmed that keeping the 400GeV upper limit on the histogram is fine with him.
  • Test BW change (expect 0) and new histos look sensible over minbias MC
  • Update MC savesets available. (b9d3e81e6d6aad325701c90bddcd0e5187dadc2f available)
  • Spoke with Felicia re: DiElectron PersistPhotons
    • Decided not to add custom monitoring for ee mass as the ee mass for those lines can actually unblind
    • There's interest in an eeGamma monitor, but this would require some changing to the way the line algorithms work -> Postponed to a MR specific for that after this.
  • Fix BpToMajo monitoring implementation that I did slightly poorly to get across the deadline 😅 🙄
    • Check with proponents, as I did change some ranges here.
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