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[QEE] Reduce junk in EW dimuon calibration samples via pidmu cut

Luke Grazette requested to merge lugrazet-ew-calib-pidmu into qee_upgrade_24

Adds F.PIDMU > 0 to Hlt2QEE_JpsiToMumu_{Detached/Prompt} and Hlt2QEE_Upsilon1SToMuMu, which are used within the electroweak analyses for momentum calibration. -> Combats background present in the data

Also increases mass windows by 20% for these lines, still a net rate reduction. This is useful for the early commissioning stages and such

In part related to

PIDmu Impact on 'Comm24' Data tuples

See: !3418 (comment 7952644)

BW Change

-0 MB/s within rounding, As per !3418 (comment 7949221), !3418 (comment 7949222).

We know it reduces, but by such a small relative amount that alongside the other QEE lines it has no impact...


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