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QEE: Lower Hlt2DiMuonNoIP lines rates by filtering on Hlt1DiMuonNoIP

Adrian Casais Vidal requested to merge acasaisv/fix-dpmumu-rate into 2024-patches

Adds Hlt1 filter to Hlt2DiMuonNoIP lines and lowers the rate significantly.

Old BW estimate over minbias:

Turbo BW: 119.333 kHz; 535.642 MB/s
Full BW: 1.262 kHz; 317.453 MB/s

New BW estimate over minbias:

Turbo BW: 29.298 kHz; 159.798 MB/s
Full BW: 1.042 kHz; 312.250 MB/s

I changed the full rescale to allow it to capture more events keeping a similar BW footprint. If this is a problem we can also tight the FULL stream.

Edited by Adrian Casais Vidal

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