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Explicitly specify old CALO raw banks or old muon decoding in HltEfficiencyChecker yaml options

FYI @jagoodin

Goes with Moore!2811 (merged)

Options like:

from RecoConf.calorimeter_reconstruction import make_digits

from RecoConf.hlt1_muonid import make_muon_hits

were hard-coded into the yaml-wizard template, meaning they'll be added silently for any user of HltEfficiencyChecker's wizard. This MR makes them explicit yaml options that need to be asked for. Documentation of these new options is added in the Moore MR. The explicit options are added to those tests that require it.

Also do a little cleanup where I saw it could be done.

With the Moore MR closes #44 (closed). Marked as Draft while the Moore MR is draft. Confirmed all MooreAnalysis tests pass locally.

Edited by Ross John Hunter

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