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Use HltEfficiencyChecker for all QEE lines

Ross John Hunter requested to merge rjhunter-tests-for-qee-upgrade into qee_upgrade

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This MR uses the HltEfficencyChecker package to calculate the rates and efficiencies of all QEE lines. You can get the HLT2 output rates with:

MooreAnalysis/run MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/scripts/ MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/options/hlt2_qee_rate_example.yaml

or non-HLT1 filtered HLT2 output rates with:

MooreAnalysis/run MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/scripts/ MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/options/hlt2_qee_rates_nothlt1filtered.yaml

And you can get the efficiencies with:

MooreAnalysis/run MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/scripts/ MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/options/hlt2_qee_eff_example.yaml

This MR also creates two new tests, which essentially run the above two tests and check that nothing fails. The test logs also print the rates and efficiencies. As noted in this discussion, it is not envisaged that each WG will have their own test in Moore. Given that we are soon to merge Moore/qee_upgrade to Moore/master, and the tests here will give you more info than Moore, the testing functionality is therefore moved to the qee_upgrade branch of MooreAnalysis. The tests can be run with (from stack/ on the qee_upgrade branch):

make MooreAnalysis/test

Finally, to align with naming conventions, I rename QEE -> qee in filenames everywhere.

HltEfficiencyChecker documentation

Requires Moore!560 (merged)

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