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Add option to run the full HLT2 reconstruction in HltEfficiencyChecker jobs

Ross John Hunter requested to merge rjhunter-use-reco into master

FYI @rmatev @sstahl @mvesteri

As titled. There is a new run_reconstruction flag that can be specified in the yaml, and the "by-hand" uses with reconstruction.bind(from_file=False). As such all the HLT2 HltEfficiencyChecker examples run the reconstruction by default.

On a side note, the possibility of plotting with logx is added as requested by Mike Solokoff in RTAGeneral on Friday.


  • Update the doc examples (add myself as CODEOWNER for the docs while I'm there)
  • Make the rate examples use the reconstruction too
  • Add a test that still runs reco from file.
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