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Add options file for large-scale rate testing in QEE

Ross John Hunter requested to merge rjhunter-big-minbias into qee_upgrade

FYI @lugrazet

** Shifters please ignore - this is to the qee_ugrade branch **

Add options files for HltEfficiencyChecker to be able to run large scale (50k+ events) rate tests for the QEE lines. The new options can be run with

MooreAnalysis/run MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/options/ MooreAnalysis/HltEfficiencyChecker/options/

BEWARE that the options file is set to run 50k events and all the QEE lines by default. The user may wish to reduce the number of events and trim down the number of lines to make this run faster.


  • Confirm (by looking at the rates) whether this MC is HLT1-filtered or not.
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