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update tool CaloEnergyForTrack and remove PRS/SPD related classes in CaloPIDs

Zhirui Xu requested to merge tool_CaloEnergyForTrack into master

The tool CaloEnergyForTrack calculates energy deposits for charged tracks in calorimetry system.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • CaloDigits handled via Gaudi Functional Transformer in CaloPIDs/CaloTrack2IDAlg.{h,cpp}, to avoid retrieving data from TES for each track
  • Modified process function accordingly in CaloInterfaces/ICaloTrackIdEval.h:
    • old: virtual StatusCode process(const LHCb::Track* track, double value) const = 0
    • new: virtual std::optional<double> process(const LHCb::Track& track, LHCb::CaloDigits& digits) const = 0
  • Removed the functor interface in CaloInterfaces/ICaloTrackIdEval.h
  • Deprecated use of interface CaloInterfaces/ICaloDigits4Track.h and kept the used collect functions as private functions in CaloPIDs/CaloEnergyForTrack.{h,cpp}
  • Cleaned up a bit CaloPIDs/CaloTrackTool.{h,cpp}
  • Removed Spd and Prs related code
  • Neutral PIDs of CaloPhotonIdAlg is kept but forced not to run in configuration file

Changes made in other packages related to this change:

All the changes mentioned above are moved to CaloFuture package.

Edited by Marco Cattaneo

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