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Flexible size of Velo tracks and hits containers and PV container

Peilian Li requested to merge peilian_test into master
  • Make the sizes of internal Velo track containers and hit containers to be flexible
  • Make the size of PV container to be flexible in Rec/Tr/PatPV/src/TrackBeamLineVertexFinderSoA.cpp

There was one failing job hlt2_reco_full_geometry in x86_64+avx2+fma-centos7-gcc9-opt. It was figured out that there would be very tiny difference in HLT1FittedForward track caused by VeloKalman (some calculation and filtering). This disappears if remove fma in the compiler.

@ahennequ needs LHCb!2880 (merged)

Reference update in Moore!740 (merged)

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