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MC association and background category algorithm (MCTruthAndBkgCat) and few related functors

Abhijit Mathad requested to merge AM_mc_association_RecAndPhys into master

After Phys -> Rec migration, merging the two MRs (!2666 (closed) and Phys!1029 (closed)) into this new one that includes:

  • A new algorithm (MCTruthAndBkgCatAlg) that builds two types of relations: "Particle -> MCParticle" and "Particle -> BkgCat" (Replacing TupleToolMCTruth and TupleToolMCBackgroundInfo).
  • Update MAP_INPUT functor that takes in any type of one-to-one relation table as input. When there is no corresponding entry in the relations table, the tupling of an "invalid value" in handled by FunTuple in Analysis!851 (merged).
  • Three new functors: PARTICLE_ID, OBJECT_KEY and BKGCAT(Relations).

Depends on: LHCb!3367 (merged), Analysis!855 (merged) and !2668 (merged)

Test of these is in: DaVinci!621 (merged)

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FYI: @gunther , @mferrill , @powen

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