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Add ParticleTagger tool and related Thor functors

Davide Fazzini requested to merge dfazzini_particle_tagger_RecAndPhys into master

After Phys->Recmigration, merging the two MRs !2672 (closed) and Phys!1036 (closed) into this one, including:

  • a new algorithm tom create a map relating the B candidate to all the tagging particles available in a set of TES locations defined by the user, namely ParticleTaggerAlg.cpp;
  • a new MAP_RANGE functor able to apply an external functor on a range of Particle->Particle relation entries.
  • a new MAP_INPUT_ARRAY functor that extracts a set of Particle->Particle relations from a one-to-many relation table and pass it to the MAP_RANGE functor.

Needs !2677 (merged) and Analysis!866 (merged). Tested in DaVinci!627 (merged).

Work towards

FYI: @bkhanji, @vchobano, @cprouve, @amathad, @chasse

Edited by Abhijit Mathad

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