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Decay Tree related functors

Tommaso Fulghesu requested to merge tfulghes-tree-functors into master

Follows discussion in #221 (closed).

  • Renaming FLATTEN functor into GET_ALL_BASICS, to distinguish from the here defined GET_ALL_DESCENDANTS, which retrieves all the descendants of a given particle.

  • Include GET_GENERATION(x) functor, with x(int)=0(particle itself), 1(children), 2(grandchildren), which returns all the particles in the decay belonging to the x generation and define GET_CHILDREN as GET_GENERATION(1) and GET_GRANDCHILDREN as GET_GENERATION(2)

  • Definition of functors MINTREE, MAXTREE, NINTREE, INTREE, INGENERATION, NINGENERATION using composition


  • Fix tests (strange behavior for tree functors)

Needs Moore!1914 (merged)

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