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Migrate {Proto,}ParticleMakers, TrackListRefiner, TrackContainerSplitter from LoKi to ThOr

Gerhard Raven requested to merge prefer_thor_over_loki_selectors into master
  • replace the use of ITrackSelector and IProtoParticleFilter with ThOr functors
  • add some new ThOr functors to replace some LoKi functors in the above cases
  • increase type-safety in 'TrackType' ThOr functors.

must be applied together with Moore!1926 (merged), Analysis!938 (merged), DaVinci!799 (merged), Alignment!332 (merged), MooreOnline!193 (merged), MooreAnalysis!99 (merged), Panoptes!209 (closed)

Edited by Gerhard Raven

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