Port MCTupleToolTrueSimEffHLT{1,2} -> HltTrueSimEffAlg for HltEfficiencyChecker FunTuple migration

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Goes with Analysis!985 (merged), Moore!2326 (merged) and MooreAnalysis!122 (merged)

Part of the HltEfficiencyChecker FunTuple migration and retirement of MCDecayTreeTuple. More description in the MooreAnalysis MR. Big-picture description in the HltEfficiencyChecker documentation (being updated in the Moore MR).

HltEfficiencyChecker performs a TOS-like matching of trigger candidates to the true MC candidates to calculate TrueSim efficiencies. This is currently done with MCTupleToolTrueSimEffHLT{1,2}, housed in MooreAnalysis. This MR transforms (i.e. copies them and refactors where necessary, but the code does the same job as those tuple tools) these tuple tools into algorithms following the example of HltTisTosAlg.cpp, under the new HltTrueSimEffAlg.cpp.

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