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split track containers (in persistency)

Maarten Van Veghel requested to merge mveghel-calov1persistencyfix into master

See for info Moore!2338 (merged)

Also makes sure full track is not copied to muon track (both are linked by MuonPID objects anyway and would be duplication (in persistency)). @rvazquez @peilian

Goes with LHCb!4127 (merged), Moore!2338 (merged), Alignment!394 (merged), DaVinci!926 (merged), MooreAnalysis!126 (merged), MooreOnline!268 (merged)

has cherry picked from !3505 (merged)

In addition, uses work of @sbelin from !3509 (closed) for RecSummaryMaker

Edited by Maarten Van Veghel

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