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Adding InteractionRegion information to PV reco algorithms

Maciej Artur Giza requested to merge mgiza-int-region-tests into master

This MR adds information obtained via InteractionRegion functor to PV reconstruction algorithms:

  • PrimaryVertexChecker
  • PatPV3DFuture
  • TrackBeamLineVertexFinderSoA
  • TrackUnbiasedPVFinderSoA

The work on TrackBeamLineVertexFinder and PVOfflineTool is ongoing. For TrackBeamLineVertexFinder, not only the InteractionRegion information has to be added.

Following the issue: #497 (closed)

Depends on: Detector!383 (merged) LHCb!4173 (merged) Allen!1261 (merged)

(cc @adudziak @dovombru @mveghel)

Edited by Maciej Artur Giza

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