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Fixes for gcc 13, clang 16 and C++20

Marco Clemencic requested to merge clemenci/fixes-for-gcc13 into master
  • Fix warnings about implicit capture of this (deprecated in C++20)
  • Fix possibly dangling reference to a temporary
  • Fix deprecated enum arithmetic
  • Remove unused variables
  • Fix clang warning: unqualified call to std::move
  • Replace std::random_shuffle with std::shuffle (random_shuffle was deprecated in C++14 and should have been removed in C++17)
  • Fix class/struct discrepancy
  • Hide spurious warning: possible dangling reference to temporary (see gaudi/Gaudi#278 (closed))

Note: when building *-gcc13-dbg platforms there are a number of spurious warnings in dictionaries, fixed by gaudi/Gaudi!1501 (merged)

Edited by Marco Clemencic

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