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Follow addition of PV pointer to Particle and PV container update

Follow up on changed in Particle and PV container

  • make LHCb::RecVertices the default PV container
  • update PV converterss (RecV1<-->pv)
  • add PV pointer to LHCb::Particle, including relevant updates to persistency
  • set particle->pv pointer in makers and combiners
  • add algorithm to add unbiased PV to particle
  • add OWNPV functors that use particle->pv pointer
  • modify BPV functors to use particle->pv pointer when available
  • replace CopyParticlesWithPVRelations by CopyParticles
  • use beam line direction in PV finders
  • add option to DecayTreeFitter to use particle->pv as PV constraint
  • add option to use mass constraints to ParticleVertexFitter

This needs LHCb!4299 (merged)

Needed for Moore!2658 (merged)

Edited by Wouter Hulsbergen

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