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Modified PatForward algorithm to include time-of-flight correction (beta<1)

Chiara Lucarelli requested to merge chlucare_DeuReco into run2-patches

Modification of PatForward algorithm to include loop over possible beta values lower than 1 when computing time-of-flight for OT hits, to recover reconstruction efficiency for heavier particles (deuteron, helium) (see presentation at RTA-DPA general meeting 21/07/23).

Three new properties have been added to PatForwardTool to:

  • enable new algorithm,
  • choose beta step for loop,
  • set maximum mass considered for heavy particles.

The default runs with standard PatForward.

Computing time for adapted sequence has been tested considering 0.1 (coarse), 0.05 (middle) and 0.01 (fine) beta steps with Mmax = 3727 MeV c**2 on 86691 events (lhcb/validation/Protonhelium16/FULL.DST/00052167/0000/00052167_00000707_1.full.dst). See table for results:

EVT LOOP/EVT LOOP_std Reco/Reco_std RecoTrHLT2Seq/RecoTrHLT2Seq_std TrackHLT2ForwardPatHLT2S/TrackHLT2ForwardPatHLT2S_std
Coarse 1.22 1.34 1.50 2.07
Middle 1.28 1.44 1.65 2.35
Fine 1.50 1.77 2.11 3.28

The new algorithm has been developed and tested using Rec v24r4, LHCb v45r4, Brunel v55r3

Goes with Brunel!1211 (merged)

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