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Replace IRelatedPVFinder by LHCb::bestPV in the JetAccessories

Wouter Hulsbergen requested to merge wh_update_jet_pvassociation into 2024-patches

As reported in this issue #539, the JetTag and FastJetBuilder algorithms are spending most of their time searching for a 'best PV'. They use the tools that at the end rely on IDistanceCalculator. This MR replaces the best PV computation by the one used everywhere else in ParticleCombiners and ParticleMakers, in order to speed things up and make things more consistent.

This modification may lead to some small changes:

  • IDistanceCalculator uses the field and full material
  • IRelatedPVFinder chooses the PV with the smallest IPCHI2 rather than the smallest PV Therefore, this probable needs a ref update.
Edited by Wouter Hulsbergen

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