Reduce secondary mirror iterations to 1 for RICH1 in quartic reconstruction

Merged Christopher Rob Jones requested to merge RichPhotonQuarticReco-ReduceRich1ItsTo1 into master

This MR is based on top of !884 (merged). The only change w.r.t. that MR is to reduce the (max) number of iterations inside the quartic photon reconstruction for RICH1 to 1. This iteration is designed to deal with the non-flat secondary mirrors, which is really only an issue for RICH2.

This MR is separate to !884 (merged) as whilst that MR introduces no changes in the output, this will will cause some changes. Hence I want to keep them separate, and allow !884 (merged) to be first tested and merged, before this one is unWIP'ed.

@cattanem I have not added any slot flags. If you are happy to test this in one particular slot now, just let me know (or add the label yourself).

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