2017-06-01 Rec v14r1p2

This version uses Gaudi v23r3, LHCb v35r1p2 and Lbcom v13r1p2

This version is released on reco14-patches branch.

Patch release for Reco14 compatible reconstruction in simulation workflows

Packaging changes

[MR !586] Replace LHCB dependency by LBCOM dependency
[MR !563] Add missing MCEvent dependency to TrackMonitors and VeloRecMonitors
[MR !556] Update packages previously in Brunel v43r2p11
Tr/TrackMCTools v3r1p1 (was v3r1 in Rec v14r1p1)
Tr/TrackTools v4r18 (was v4r15 in Rec v14r1p1)
Tf/TrackSys v7r6p3 (was v7r5 in Rec v14r1p1)
Rec/RecConf v2r9p1 (was v2r7 in Rec v14r1p1)
Rec/ChargedProtoANNPID v1r99 (was v1r7 in Rec v14r1p1)
Rec/RecAlgs v2r11 (was v2r9 in Rec v14r1p1)
Rec/LumiAlgs v7r7p1 (was v7r7 in Rec v14r1p1)

New tuning

[MR !575] Make the setting of the sign of pT of Velo only tracks deterministic. Backport of !85
Added code to set the pT of the VELO only tracks with a sign based on the first strip in the first cluster rather than the track key (which was random).
Also an option to reverse the sign for mag up/mag down MC comparisons.
See discussion in LHCBPS-1547

Changes to tests

[MR !570] Backtrack LumiAlgs tests for consistency with Reco14 stack
[MR !569] Update LumiAlgs tests file catalog for current file locations