2022-09-16 Rec v14r1p4

This version uses Lbcom v13r1p4, LHCb v35r1p4 and Gaudi v23r3.

This version is released on reco14-patches branch. It is intended for 2013 incremental stripping (S20r2pX (pp 2.76 TeV), S20r3pX (pA)), patches to Brunel (Reco14) in Run 1 simulation worflows and stripping (S20r2, S20r3, S20r3p1) in 2013 simulation workflows. Builds with gcc46 on slc5. Built relative to Rec v14r1p3, with the following changes:

New features new feature

Fixes bug fix workaround

  • Update LumiAlgs with fixes from DaVinci/2013-patches, !2248 (@cattanem)
  • Use L0Conf instead of DecodersDB to set up decoding of L0Report, !1198 (@cattanem)

Enhancements enhancement

  • Muon | Update MuonTrackRec and ChargedProtoANNPID with version from DaVinci/reco14-patches, !2259 (@cattanem)

Code cleanups and changes to tests modernisation cleanup testing

Documentation Documentation

  • Update release notes template to latest version from master, !2271 (@cattanem)
  • Add copyright statement and copyright check, !2268 (@cattanem)