2017-08-23 Rec v17r2p2

This version uses Lbcom v16r1p2, LHCb v38r2p2, Gaudi v25r4 and LCG_69 with ROOT 5.34.21. It is built with CMT

This version is released on `stripping21-patches` branch.

Change to release notes format

On this branch, the file RecSys/doc/release.notes is frozen
Instead, there will be a file per release in the new ReleaseNotes directory. e.g. this file is called ReleaseNotes/v17r2p2.md

Patches for Stripping21 that were previously in DaVinci v36r1p4

[MR !702] Update CaloPIDs to version from DaVinci/DV4Strip21 branch (v5r20)

[MR !699] Update TrackIPResolutionCheckerNT.cpp to follow MCParticle changes in MR LHCb!834

Changes to tests

[MR !694] Update tests to current runtime environment [MR !705] Tweak Lumi test references to follow new CondDB structure