2017-10-25 Rec v18r3p1

This version uses Lbcom v17r2p1, LHCb v39r2p1, Gaudi v26r4 and LCG_79 with ROOT 6.04.02.

This version is released on `stripping24-patches` branch.

Change to release notes format

On this branch, the file RecSys/doc/release.notes is frozen
Instead, there will be a file per release in the new ReleaseNotes directory. e.g. this file is called ReleaseNotes/v18r3p1.md

Patches for Stripping24 that were previously in DaVinci v38r1p4

[MR !754] Update TrackExtrapolators with version v2r40 from DaVinci v38r1p4
[MR !755] Update TrackTools with version v5r13p1 from DaVinci v38r1p4
[MR !758] Update TrackIPResolutionCheckerNT.cpp to follow MCParticle changes

Bug fixes

[MR !759] TrackStateProvider track cache key fix
Update TrackStateProvider to compute track key based purely on memory address.
[MR !774] Fix to VeloMuonBuilder distance cut

Changes to tests

[MR !757] Update test references for cvmfs file locations
[MR !756] Remove obsolete configurables test, was checking integrity of SVN project recursive checkout