2018-08-22 Rec v19r8

This version uses Lbcom v18r5p2, LHCb v40r7, Gaudi v27r1 and LCG_84 with ROOT 6.06.02.

This version is released on `2016-patches` branch.

Built relative to Rec v19r7, with the following changes:

Bug fixes

  • Protect from division by zero in PrCounter2, !1092 (@sstahl)
    Cherry picked from !1088 in master

Monitoring changes

  • Disable the RICH hot pixel finder and decoding errors monitor for simulation, !1151 (@jonrob)
    When running on simulation where the same event is reused 50 or more times (e.g. reDecay), the following messages appeared at every event:
    RichHotPixels     WARNING Rich::HPDAnalysisAlg:: { HPD Rich2 Left(A) PDCol  8 PDNumInCol  6 pixCol 11 pixRow  4 } (4246783064) At least 50% hot in 100 events  
    This MR switches off this monitor in the simulation case