2018-04-17 Rec v23r2

This version uses Lbcom v22r0p2, LHCb v44r2, Gaudi v29r4 and LCG_93 with ROOT 6.12.06

This version is released on `2018-patches` branch.

Built relative to Rec v23r1, with the following changes:


  • Add PartProp dependency to follow LHCb!1223, !996 (@cattanem)

  • Add new Deuteron MC15TuneV1 networks., !997 (@jonrob)
    Also, as a side improvement, rework yPID checks to avoid runtime checks to see if they are available.
    Based on LHCb!1230. Note that the default behaviour is unchanged. The new Deuteron networks are not enabled by default.

Bug fixes