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Bo2 c xibm2 xic0 pim 2018 patches

Boan Shi requested to merge BO2C_Xibm2Xic0Pim_2018-patches into B2OC_2018-patches

The lines focus on building \Xi_{b}^{-} \to \Xi_{c0}\pi^{-} decays. Their rates and timing are studied based on 100k minibias events.

decays Rate (LL,DD) % Timing (LL,DD) ms/evt
\Xi_{c0} \to \Xi^{-}\pi^{+}, \Xi^{-}\to\Lambda\pi^{-} (0.38, 0.10) (0.036, 0.022)
\Xi_{c0} \to \Lambda K^{-} \pi^{+} (0.48, 0.18) (0.030, 0.022)
\Xi_{c0} \to p K_{S} K^{-} (0.48, 0.02) (0.024, 0.010)

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