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Update B2Ksthh lines

Xingyu Tong requested to merge BnoC_UpdataB2Ksthh into BnoC_2018-patches

While I was working on the B0 -> rho Kst analysis, I found the B2Ksthh line has a very tight cut VFASPF(VCHI2)<12, which will result in efficiency loss.


Thus, the B2Ksthh line is updated. VFASPF(VCHI2)<12 is updated to VFASPF(VCHI2/VDOF)<12. To satisfy the rate limit, another two cut has been changed. B_PT > 1500 MeV => B_PT > 2000 MeV B_BPVVDCHI2 > 50 => B_BPVVDCHI2 > 100

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