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Draft: Band q sexaquark bugfix 2018 patches

@ngrieser @ssheng @jcidvida MR to address a bug in MR/1771 described below

In the original version the "StrippingSexaquarkbBaryonToDzAndpLine" was intended to pick up bBaryon->D0 p+, however, for the Sexaquark lines we want to pick up bBaryon -> D0 p~- and cc decays. Accidentally, the D0 combiner was defined as "[D0->K+pi-]cc" while actually D0->K-pi+ and D0bar-> K+pi- which sort of fixed the issue for the Sexaquark lines. However, we also want to pick up Lambdab->D0 p+ pi- as control mode which I want to add now. And fix the previous bug, to get the naming correct as its a bit confusing otherwise.

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