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New Lines, Kshort-> Leptons

Adrian Casais Vidal requested to merge acasaisv-mychanges into 2018-patches

Adding KS-> X Leptons lines.

Decays included:

  • KS -> pi+ pi- e+ e-
  • KS -> mu+ mu- e+ e-
  • KS -> [mu+ mu+ e- e-]CC (LFV)
  • KS -> e+ e- e+ e-
  • KS -> pi+ pi- mu+ mu-
  • [KS -> pi+ pi+ mu- mu-]CC
  • [KS -> mu+ mu- mu+ e-]CC (LFV)
  • [KS -> e+ e- e+ mu-]CC (LFV)

For this decays we use 6 reconstruction strategies where two of the particles are always reconstructed as Long tracks and the remaining as follows:

  • Long Long
  • Long Upstream
  • Long VELO
  • Upstream Upstream
  • Upstream VELO

This makes a total of 54 Lines.

(I'm running a retention rate test which I will paste as a comment when it's finished)


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