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[LOS-1020] Not create updateinfo.xml from updateinfo.db in advisories directory

Marta Vila Fernandes requested to merge los1020 into master

The updateinfo.xml in advisories directory is not being used. Example:

[root@lxsoftadm29 x86_64]# ls
updateinfo.db  updateinfo.xml
[root@lxsoftadm29 x86_64]# pwd

The updateinfo.db is created from the updateinfo.xml files in /$REPO/repodata/. Then the updateinfo.xml in advisories/$DIST/$ARCH is created from updateinfo.db.

Only updateinfo.db is being used in the snapshots projects. Example:

This MR will not remove the updateinfo.xml from the advisories/$DIST/$ARCH directories - this is something that will be needed to do by hand.

Edited by Marta Vila Fernandes

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