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Add improvements to scheduler and kojidistrepo jobs

Marta Vila Fernandes requested to merge scheduler into master
  • mount /staging/ directory to store buildlists
  • reposync src directory
  • Add --allow-missing-signatures --noinherit --split-debuginfo to koji dist-repo
  • Remove --gpgcheck from reposync
  • Fix RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration created by the while loop in scheluder script
  • Add more logs to scheduler script
  • Remove datacenters from scheduler nomad definition
  • Increase the cpu allocation
  • Install diffutils
  • Rename src/Packages directory to source/SRPMS
  • create a /debug dir per arch
  • Download the debuginfo packages to the /debug dir
  • Create a /os directory per arch with the Packages and repodata inside
Edited by Marta Vila Fernandes

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