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RQF1906506 - Mirror Rundeck-pagerduty

Nacho Barrientos requested to merge ibarrien/reposync:RQF1906506 into master
[root@ndev8s ~]# wget
[root@ndev8s ~]# rpm --import gpgkeys/RPM-GPG-KEY-rundeck-pagerduty
[root@ndev8s ~]# rpm --checksig rundeck-
rundeck- digests signatures OK
[root@ndev8s ~]# rpm -q gpg-pubkey --qf '%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}\t%{SUMMARY}\n'
gpg-pubkey-2f4f9f6e-555ddaa1	gpg(CERN Koji Support v2 (RPM signing key for CERN Koji Support) <>)
gpg-pubkey-8483c65d-5ccc5b19	gpg(CentOS (CentOS Official Signing Key) <>)
gpg-pubkey-2f86d6a1-5cf7cefb	gpg(Fedora EPEL (8) <>)
gpg-pubkey-98c4c654-607e0efa	gpg(PagerDuty (Rundeck release signing) <>)
[root@ndev8s ~]# rpm -e gpg-pubkey-98c4c654-607e0efa
[root@ndev8s ~]# rpm --checksig rundeck-
rundeck- digests SIGNATURES NOT OK

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