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RQF2554620: Add Opencast 14

Benoit Million requested to merge bml_RQF2554620 into master

Based on RQF2554620, and I made the following implementation choices :

  • packages available :

The latest packages are 13.13-1, 14.8-1 & 15-1-1 for EL8/9 from there respective repos.

  • repo names :

I updated the repo names (starting from 13), for having them more tight to the official Opencast internal repo structure (eg
The pattern is similar to the other synced repos (ie. opencast<VERSION>-<OS>-<ARCH>).

Also, I keep the previous repo names (up to 13) for don't introducing a breaking change.
Only Opencast13 will have duplicate repos for the transition (eg. opencast13 == opencast13-el8-x86_64).

  • opencast-testing:

It didn't seems to be really used upstream, just update the GPG key to the correction version.

  • packages provided :

Note that other packages like opensearch or ffmpeg are provided by Opencast and may conflict with other repos.
I thought to use includepkgs = opencast-*, but Opencast may expect to use it own version (doc)...

rhel9> yum repoinfo opencast | grep baseurl
Repo-baseurl       :

rhel9> yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="opencast" list available
elasticsearch-oss.x86_64                        7.10.2-1                           opencast
ffmpeg.x86_64                                   6.1-1.el9                          opencast
opensearch.x86_64                               1.3.10-1                           opencast
python3-vosk.x86_64                             0.3.45-.el9                        opencast
python3-webvtt-py.x86_64                        0.4.6-1.el9                        opencast

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