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Transition from only/except to rules

Christos Arvanitis requested to merge carvanit/rpmci:feat/rules into rules

This MR replaces only/except conditions with rules. This change enables rpmci users to define more specific conditions for job execution (e.g. set koji_scratch as auto job for protected branches and as manual job for feature branches, thus allowing koji specific variables to be protected).


From Gitlab Keyword Reference:

only and except are not being actively developed. rules is the preferred keyword to control when to add jobs to pipelines.

Rules offer more granularity and flexibility comparing to only/except. However, rules and only/except cannot be mixed:

rules replaces only/except and they can’t be used together in the same job. If you configure one job to use both keywords, the GitLab returns a key may not be used with rules error.

Rules are defined as YAML arrays so they cannot be merged (in case of extending jobs). However, there are workarounds for this:

Note: For testing, included yml files in rpm-ci.yml should be replaced with the corresponding ones for the feature branch instead of the master ones

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