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Fix regression: permit hosts

Ben Morrice requested to merge INC3795354 into master

Through a refactoring effort 3 years ago, the IP->DeviceName logic was changed from using DNS lookups to querying LanDB directly.

This worked fine for the majority of devices, however, for devices that do not have a fixed IP defined in LanDB ( hosts), the logic in AIMS fails to find the device as LanDB does not map device information to the temporary IPs provided for hosts. The end result is that the call to terminates early and the client receives a zero byte response, instead of the kickstart associated to their device.

This MR retains the LanDB lookups for most systems, but reverts to the old DNS lookup logic for "Portable Devices" (referred to as ^PB-D.* from LanDB).

This issue was originally reported in INC3795354

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