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Use kinit -R and aklog rather than krenew

Steve Traylen requested to merge krenew into master

When krenew runs it seems to set up a new context for afs tokens that then do not renew correctly.

While I do not quite undestand it simplifying this to the trivial

kinit -R

makes sense

In addition we fix CC8 vs C9 where on C8 user units are default enabled where as on 9 they are default disabled.

Note that 'systemctl --no-reload preset --global aklog.service aklog.timer" is only called on initial package installation so I think aklog.timer will not be enabled since it is a new unit without reinstall. The aklog.service is the important one however and I'll enable the time myself on plus and adm.

Enable the units explicitly on 8 and 9.

Extra commits:

  • Release 1.4
  • Include in package as documentation.
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