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    Set AODEDMSet to AODFULL for data (ATR-10033) (TriggerJobOpts-00-04-88) · 6ac56042
    Frank Winklmeier authored
    	* python/HLTTriggerResultGetter.py: Set AODEDMSet to AODFULL for data (ATR-10033)
    	* python/T0TriggerGetter.py: Remove setting of AODEDMSet
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-88
    2015-04-27 Joerg Stelzer
    	* Schedule the new ROIB to L1Topo input converter for HLT when running on
    	data (ATR-9628)
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-87
    2015-04-24  Tomasz Bold
    	* fixed bug of wrongly set triggerMenuSetup when running reprocessing (ATR-10573)
    	* description in the JIRA ticket
    	* improved messaging to be more specific (component contain flag name now)
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-86
    2015-04-15 Catrin Bernius
    	* Added Physics_pp_v5_cosmic_prescale to TriggerFlags (ATR-10605)
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-85
    (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)