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    Merge branch 'master-DQegamma_07092021_for22.0-mc20' into '22.0-mc20' · 76c6fd85
    Peter Berta authored and Atlas Nightlybuild's avatar Atlas Nightlybuild committed
    Fix Tag and Probe monitors by using both electron branches
    See merge request atlas/athena!46650
    (cherry picked from commit e8460554)
    51262cd6 Bugfix to take into account possible multi chain setup for TnP monitors
    4841e140 Bugfix to remove the trigger requirement of TnP monitors
    4fdb1eec New trigger setup for JPsi and no trigger for Zee (TnP monitors)
    401990f9 Bug fix on the TnP configuration
    ad138993 bug fix for TnP algs - use both electron candidates except in the eta/phi distributions of probes
    41355989 fix to TnP monitors and implementation of double precision histogram for electron eta monitoring