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    Added MC_pp_v5_special_mc_prescale (TriggerJobOpts-00-04-65) · ea96bc98
    Catrin Bernius authored
    	* python/TriggerFlags.py: Added special_mc_prescale
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-65
    2014-12-09 Joerg Stelzer <stelzer@cern.ch>
    	* python/TriggerFlags.py: Enable L1Topo simulation
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-64
    2014-12-04 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
    	* python/TriggerConfigGetter.py removed version number on TriggerMenu
    	* tagging TriggerJobOpts-00-04-63
    2014-11-28  Simon George  <S.George@rhul.ac.uk>
    	* python/HLTTriggerResultGetter.py (TrigDecisionGetter.configure):
    	avoid making TrigDecision in the case of RDOtoBS.
    	Autoconfiguration turns on doESD assuming input RDO implies output
    	ESD, which sets up RecFlags such that TrigDecisionMaker and
    	xAODMaker::TrigDecisionCnvAlg algorithms are scheduled after
    	TrigSteer_HLT. This makes no sense when writing BS. So add an extra
    	requirement that doWriteBS is False in order to make TrigDecision.
    (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)