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    ingress: Fix up openshift-ingress namespace reconciliation · 0faf81ce
    Stephen Greene authored
    Commit `ea085e72` added logic to reconcile the Ingress namespace during
    cluster upgrades. This follow-up commit fixes some mistakes introduced
    by that commit.
    Fix a typo: `opensift.io/cluster-monitoring`.
    We are, after all, in the computing business, and not the baking
    Check if annotation/label map values exist since comparing a
    non-existent map value to the empty string will always return true
    in this case.
    Add unit test to prove that a map value that does not exist
    is equivalent to the empty string.
    Rename the `original` namespace to `desired`.
    Switch ordering of `desired` and `mutated` in `routerNamespaceChanged`
    calling sites to better reflect the intent of the unit tests.