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    High load improvements · 43f7210b
    Carina Antunes authored
    * Add ActiveMQ Docker logging config for development
    * Add ClientIndividualConsumer and ClientIndividualListener. These classes allow:
      * create a listener per connection, to avoid one listener instance shared among all threads
      * each listener to call ack/nack in their connection
      * cleanup connections list (was growing forever, every 5 minutes appending new connections)
    * Catch BrokenPipeError, until has a proper fix to the race condition. Provided a [MR](
    * Upgrade from centos stream 8 to centos stream 9
    * Bump python 3.6 (EOL was 23 Dec 2021) to 3.9 (EOL 05 Oct 2025)
      * Replace `pycrypto` (unmaintained, obsolete, and contains security vulnerabilities.) with `pycryptodome`
    * Log thread_id in all logs
    * Make Auditing a class instance, property of the processor instance
    * Share SQLAlchemy engine and connection pooler (set as a class property, protected by a lock) to avoid multiple calls to automap_base which would throw a SA warning
    * Retry etcd client on external disconnect/ failure to create client
    * Fix typo: Uppercase priority coming in email gateway