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feature: Introduce VCU128 processors and so much more

Giovanna Lazzari Miotto requested to merge feature/vcu128-processors into main

This is (mostly) a history rewriting of the latest it-branch, vcu128-commissioning/fix-EoR. I assigned this MR to everyone who contributed there.

As such, I expect both branches to be functionally the same. Most tests have been disabled because new input files must be collected to generate new "standard" outputs for each processor and primitive that has been introduced.

The differences between the two branches should be visible here (scroll down past the commit history to see the differentials):

See also the outdated MRs !92 (closed), !94 (closed), !96 (closed).

(new) Includes testing coverage for BMTF, Calo sums, Calo objects (egamma, jets, taus) and the new GMT muon processor.

Fixes #61 (closed) and the later discovered bugs #63 (closed), #64 (closed). These fixes are not propagated to any existing development branches.

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