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feature: ci: Add regression testing based on output file hashes

Giovanna Lazzari Miotto requested to merge feature/ci/regression-testing into main
  • Rewrites "" and renames it ""
  • Introduces subdirectory test/data/.sha256/ to store hashes for past versions of SCDAQ with "correct" outputs.
    • The files have the following naming format: {file_prefix}_{number of bytes heading the output file that have been hashed}_{version commit number}
    • The current "gold standard" is 67ddf197 (January 9th, 2024, just after migration to the CMake meta-build system).
  • Calculates hashes of the outputs following test runs and compares them to the hashes stored in the hash directory.
  • Output-based tests fail when the hashes do not match for the same number of initial bytes.
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