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fix: test: Amend config file regex

Giovanna Lazzari Miotto requested to merge fix/test/config-regex into main

Because they follow a slightly different syntax, JSON5 configuration files were silently not being pattern-matched to grep the output file name in the automated regression tests.

This never affected the test results in the CI because the .dat suffix was hardcoded in the regex and not dependent on this regex capture operation. The only .dat files available were recent output files from the current execution, so it didn't matter that the filenames were empty in the regex pattern.

Now that suffixes are user-configurable (in feature branches), this bug became evident.

This fix broadens the regex pattern to comport both the ".conf" and "json5" syntaxes, followed by trimming quotation marks, commas, and whitespace.

Edited by Giovanna Lazzari Miotto

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