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Major reorganisation:
- Rearranged some module names for a more consistent naming scheme
- Reorganised CI tests and added capability to run all locally
- Flags are locked centrally after creation, only modified by yaml or CLI
- Moved container name specification into yaml
- Move CP alg configuration to use ConfigBlock/ConfigAccumulator
  - This changes the overlap removal handling in the ntuples to write out a decoration instead of OR-ed containers due to limitations in the output tree alg.

New features:
- Permit multiple TTrees to be configured from yaml
- Convert of flags.Analysis into ConfigItem class that behaves like an immutable dict
- Generalise HH truth decay algorithm to handle multiple decay modes
- Optimise TTree output by selecting branches for systematic variations
- Add linking between nominal and systematic variation objects
- Add an alg for creating output view containers holding objects passing selection for any systematic variation

- Use MET ntuple maker for MET branches
- Disable overlap removal branches for MET

- Slight reorganisation of central docs
- Expanded the yybb README

Requires AthAnalysis,24.2.20